iRise Integration

Connect design-centric requirements development with the rest of your software development lifecycle

Integrate iRise with: Blueprint, Jama, JIRA, IBM RTC and many more.

 iRise Integration 



iRise is a modern prototyping tool that supports sophisticated visualizations to enable the creation of accurate requirements and delightful user experiences. Interaction designers can create these visualizations to bring life to static requirements and user stories. By connecting iRise to traditional requirements management systems, and other tools in the software development lifecycle, organizations can strike the right balance between design-centric development and fully managed and governed processes.

Tasktop allows the BA and the designer to create prototypes and interactive diagrams in iRise and then synchronize those artifacts to development or testing tools. The team’s developers and the testers are able to see not only the requirement, but also have a link to see the interactive visualizations.


As an example:

  • The designer creates a set of prototype screens in iRise, creating requirements for each of those screens.
  • Tasktop will synchronize these highly visual requirements to the requirement management tool of choice (e.g. Blueprint)
  • The BA in the requirements management tool can track and expand on the full set of requirements for this project.
  • Tasktop can then synchronize all the requirements from the requirement management tool to your testing tool of choice (e.g. HP ALM) where the QA team is able to write and perform tests.
  • The status and visual nature of the requirements created in iRise are able to be communicated throughout the organization.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Allow engineering teams to develop against highly contextualized and visual requirements.
  • Reduces rework by allowing testing teams better visibility into the requirements of the application.
  • Improved collaboration by giving engineering and QA better communication channels in which to discuss requirements.
  • Allows engineers and testers to receive work in their tool of choice.
  • Synchronizes prototype screens to requirements management and development tools, allowing information to flow freely.


Artifacts Supported

  • Requirement
  • Chapter




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