CA Agile Central (Rally) Integration

Extend the value of Rally/CA Agile Central by connecting to tools across the lifecycle

Integrate Rally with: CA PPM, JIRA, TFS, HP ALM, HP QC, RTC, VersionOne and many more


To eliminate the disconnect between Agile planning and the other disciplines, you need to connect CA Agile Central to the whole lifecycle. Tasktop makes it happen by providing real time integration from external third party products to CA Agile Central. Users can see third party data within CA Agile Central, collaborate on artifacts, and execute consistent workflow across the tool stack.

Tasktop integration allows for a flexible, yet managed development process. It also ensures that CA Agile Central’s powerful reporting capabilities are executed against real-time, cross-tool data. As a result, you can better leverage the strengths of other tools, such as test or requirements management, while using CA Agile Central to manage the backlog, run stand-ups, and drive the delivery process.

After all, agility is all about adapting to the environment and making decisions based on fact. By integrating CA Agile Central with other tools, you can work with real data in real time to gain real insights.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Synchronizes artifacts (such as strories, defects, portfolio items and test cases) across the lifecycle, allowing information to flow freely between CA Agile Central and other tools
  • Improve team collaboration by connecting CA Agile Central to third party tools and allow artifacts to be synchronized across the lifecycle.
  • Support cross-tool traceability and reporting, by connecting CA Agile Central to the whole development stack, removing the need for manual processes and spreadsheets.
  • Improves the data needed to run stand-ups.
  • Connect any edition of CA Agile Central with tools inside or outside the firewall.


Artifacts Supported

  • Story
  • Defect
  • Portfolio Item/Feature
  • Test Case
  • Test Case Result
  • Task
  • Portfolio Item (All types)



Integrate Your Value Stream by Connecting Your Toolchain