Tasktop Dev Integration for Borland StarTeam

Borland Starteam logoThe Borland Connector provides Eclipse, Visual Studio and external ALM system integration for StarTeam, a robust and scalable platform for coordinating and managing the entire software delivery process across diverse methodologies and distributed teams. With the connector, Borland StarTeam development teams gain advanced traceability, visibility and reporting across development activity in the IDE via Tasktop Dev and across dozens of ALM systems via Tasktop Sync.

The Borland Connector for Eclipse provides integrated access to StarTeam project and change management artifacts and fully supports Mylyn’s task-focused interface developer productivity technology, which automatically focuses developers on the code that is relevant for a given task. The connector also seamlessly extends Borland’s StarTeam Eclipse Client (STEC) to provide task-focused SCM operations and automate traceability between source code changes and the corresponding task.

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The connector is also available for Tasktop Sync, which connects project management, development, and QA in heterogeneous IT environments by providing instant data synchronization between StarTeam and dozens of ALM systems.

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Feature Tour

Access StarTeam tasks from EclipseBorland StarTeam Task List

  • Query StarTeam for all stored artifacts, such as tasks, defects, and requirements, including custom artifacts
  • Receive new tasks and updates automatically in your IDE, without the need for refresh
  • View and update tasks in an embedded rich editor
  • Access the task list while offline and receive any updates when re-connected
  • Automatically track time spent on tasks, without leaving your IDE







Get task-focused SCM productivityBorland StarTeam Eclipse Client

  • Augment the StarTeam Eclipse Client (STEC) with streamlined task-focused change set management
  • Automatically link commits to StarTeam and other SCM solutions, such as Subversion or TFS, to the corresponding task in StarTeam for full, bi-directional code to task, task to code traceability





See only the relevant code for each taskBorland StarTeam Relevant Task Code

  • Take advantage of task-focused programming productivity
  • Focus Eclipse views and editors on only the relevant code
  • Recover from interruptions with a click





Integrate StarTeam with Visual StudioIntegrate Borland StarTeam with Visual Studio

  • Access StarTeam from a unified task list within Visual Studio
  • View and modify task information in an embedded native editor

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