Blueprint Integration

Extend Blueprint’s capabilities by synchronizing its artifacts to third-party tools

Integrate Blueprint with: HP ALM, JIRA, IBM RTC and many more.


Blueprint is a robust requirements management tool that not only includes the common textual aspects of requirements, but also includes the ability to incorporate highly visual business process diagrams and simulations to help key stakeholders understand the requirements. It includes storyboards, mark up screens, glossaries and other tools to help visually communicate the full vision. Essential to the success of the delivery of those requirements is the ability for the developers and testers to see and execute on the requirements in their tool of choice and communicate the status of their work back to the Blueprint Management Tool user.


Use Tasktop to integrate requirements in Blueprint to development and testing tools and leverage the robust traceability of Blueprint along with the agile development features of modern development tools. Allow your teams to work within their tool of choice while also allowing them to seamlessly communicate with each other.

Give your teams the necessary tools to encourage communication and collaboration to reduce rework and improve your time to market. Combine Blueprint with Tasktop and enhance your team’s efficiency.

For example:

  • The BA creates a hierarchy of requirements in Blueprint
  • The requirements and their respective hierarchy is synchronized to HP ALM
  • The status of the requirement can be updated in HP ALM and is now visible to the BA in Blueprint
  • In addition, a link is created on the Blueprint requirement pointing to the Test Case in HP ALM which tests the requirement.



Key Features and Benefits

  • Synchronizes requirements in Blueprint to Agile planning, test management and other tools, allowing information to flow freely.

  • Improved collaboration by allowing engineers and testers to receive work in their tool of choice.

  • Reduces spreadsheet usage by providing full traceability between Blueprint and development and testing tools.

  • Enables synchronizing not only the textual pieces of requirements, but also the essential visuals of these requirements


Artifacts Supported

  • Textual Requirement
  • Folder
  • Actor
  • Business Process Diagram
  • Document
  • Domain Diagram
  • Generic Diagram
  • Glossary
  • Storyboard
  • Use Case
  • Use Case Diagram
  • UI Mockup
  • Process 

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