Organizations turn to Tasktop to help them improve their ability to develop and deliver their software. Often, they do this in conjunction with other initiatives that they’re investigating, deploying, refining or scaling.

For example, adopting DevOps practices or Agile methodologies.

Scaled Agile

Increasingly, software delivery teams are trying to take the best practices of team-based Agile and apply them to the whole organization. Phrases like “scaled” or “enterprise,” are used to describe the desire to bring together disciplines such as planning, release and operations; and to increase the number of people involved in Agile practices. But both size and depth bring challenges to Agile, including integrating different practices, connecting distributed groups, and managing dependencies. More.


For many organizations, there is a tension within their development and operations groups. Development focuses on the delivery of new capabilities and bug fixes. Operations teams are rewarded on stability and predictability. That tension of change vs. stability manifests itself in process, practice and tool complexity, which results in increased cycle time and reduced value. DevOps, the movement born from a series of Belgium “DevOps Days” encourages organizations to improve the collaboration and flow of information between development and operations. DevOps highlights the value of automation, discipline and shared objectives. More.