Reimagine Software Delivery Jan.31

Connect Your Tools, Connect Your People, Drive Your Business

Whether your team is going through an agile transformation, looking to scale DevOps or introducing new tools into the software development process, having your artifacts synchronized across all your tools and understanding how to optimize your workflow will help you make better software, faster. Tasktop creates an integrated software development lifecycle allowing you to identify bottlenecks and improve traceability across your organization. Teams have more effective processes, collaboration is easier and people can focus on what really drives business.

Scale Your DevOps Practices with Tasktop Gateway

Tasktop Gateway capability allows organizations to integrate tools like CI, CD and test automation; analysis tools like code review and static code analysis; and monitoring tools like APM products, to the range of PPM, requirements management, Agile planning, test management and ITSM tools already supported by Tasktop.

Reduce information overload in Eclipse or Visual Studio. Tasktop Dev is an amped-up version of Eclipse Mylyn. Learn More
Integrate your software development and delivery tools to get your whole team working together. Learn More
Unlock the data from your tools and get unprecedented visibility into the activity in your software lifecycle. Learn More


Software organizations have a dirty little secret. Find out what nobody's telling you and how to get your transformation back on track.
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Tasktop CEO, Mik Kersten, and Nationwide Technology Director, Carmen DeArdo, overview the conceptual framework created to provide continuous visibility across Nationwide's DevOps lifecycle.
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