From a Simple Realization to Solving Complicated Problems for the World’s Largest Enterprises

In 2003, Mik Kersten was a Research Scientist at Xerox PARC, where his work involved long hours of Java coding. After developing repetitive motion pain, he decided to analyze his activities closely. He found that he spent way too much time clicking around to find the information he needed to do his job, rather than actually doing the job. This insight launched Kersten on a mission to eliminate this inefficiency – and transform software developer productivity.

It led him to the University of British Columbia, where he created the first scientifically vetted measurements of developer productivity, and published several highly influential papers on the subject. As part of his PhD work, Kersten created an open source project called Eclipse Mylyn. This task-focused interface for Eclipse revolutionized developer productivity by reducing information overload, making multi-tasking easier and far more intuitive, and improving recovery time from interruptions. Mylyn is still downloaded more than 1.5 million times per month.

With Tasktop’s founding, developer productivity took a major leap.  

In 2007, the newly minted Dr. Kersten, along with Dr. Gail Murphy (his PhD advisor), and fellow researcher Rob Elves founded Tasktop Technologies to provide enterprise support for Mylyn and related professional services.

One of the early professional services projects was Code2Cloud, a suite of cloud-based development and collaboration tools aimed at simplifying the entire development process. The Code2Cloud technology is now available in Oracle Developer Cloud Service.

Our first product, Tasktop Dev, is an enterprise version of Mylyn. It gave Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio IDE users seamless access to their ALM tools without having to leave their IDE of choice.

Working with customers, they quickly discovered that productivity enhancements delivered by Mylyn and Tasktop Dev could dramatically increase if the ALM integrations were performed at the server-side, rather than “only” at the IDE. In this way, entire teams could reap the rewards of the information flowing from one system to the next, enhancing collaboration and providing much greater reporting capabilities.

This led to our flagship product, Tasktop Sync. It fulfills Kersten’s original vision by integrating all the most widely used development and delivery tools, and placing the information every practitioner needs at his or her fingertips.

Our latest product, Tasktop Integration Hub, uses a completely reimagined approach to connect software delivery at scale. Building on the success and market leadership of the Tasktop Sync, Data and Gateway products, this new, unified suite introduces model-based integration, a new visual and web-based user interface, and the ability to connect all tools and stakeholders in the delivery pipeline. 

Tasktop today: unique perspective, powerful benefits

Tasktop is set apart by our deep understanding of the products, tools and techniques used in software development and delivery organizations. We gained this expertise through close relationships with the vendors of the tools we integrate (such as IBM, HPE and dozens more) and through our many successful customer deployments. In our products, this knowledge is codified in a way that transforms a major challenge – the integration of dozens of complex tools, in order to enhance communication and collaboration – into a straightforward process.