Code2Cloud™ provides a turnkey suite of cloud-based development, deployment and collaboration tools that simplify the entire application development process. Code2Cloud builds on leading open source development projects to deliver a completely unified experience seamlessly integrated with Eclipse-based IDEs such as the SpringSource Tool Suite. Read the latest announcement blog post for more details on Code2Cloud.

By removing the distractions of configuring development environments, setting up code repositories and continuous integration and seamlessly incorporating issue tracking systems, Code2Cloud removes much of the complexity and headaches from the application development process and allows developers to focus on what's important: business logic and writing great code.

Watch a recent presentation by Tasktop's Ryan Slobojan titled:
Code2Cloud: Automating The Whole Software Dev/Deploy Cycle

Key open source components to be supported by the first Code2Cloud release will include:

  • Eclipse-based IDEs
  • Git distributed version control
  • Hudson continuous integration
  • Bugzilla-compatible issue tracking
  • Mylyn task-focused interface and ALM integration framework
  • Cloud Foundry platform as a service

Code2Cloud provides a new cloud-centric issue tracker that is compatible with the popular Bugzilla bug tracking system, as well as a dashboard for managing applications and development teams. The solution leverages the Tasktop Certified ecosystem of Agile and ALM integrations, ensuring interoperability with existing ALM tools and support for best-of-breed Agile technologies. Code2Cloud will be highly extensible to other Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions via its implementation of the Eclipse Mylyn framework and the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) web service standard.

Contact us for more information on Code2Cloud integration for your existing infrastructure and ALM systems.

Code2Cloud Demo Screencast

Watch the 2010 launch screencast where Tasktop VP of Engineering David Green introduces and demonstrates Code2Cloud.

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Watch the VMware Code2Cloud demo video (7 min)

* Code2Cloud™ is a trademark registered with Tasktop Technologies.