Our Employees

What Our Employees Say “It's really rewarding to have the opportunity to work on high impact projects ... however what I love most about working at Tasktop is I am surrounded by interesting competent co-workers who not only make my job easier, but also make working here awesome.”

Tasktopian Fun Fact: Brian is the author of Jargonaut Express – Essential Idioms for the Astute Business Speaker.

- Zoe, Sales Operations

 “I don't know of any other place I'd rather be working.”

- Michael, Software Engineer

Tasktopian Fun Fact: Laura survived an F4 tornado in the mountains of Maryland.

 “Because we integrate a variety of tools, I get to explore and understand the capabilities of these tools and help our developers understand how we want to support them. I love hearing from customers when we deliver functionality they need to perform their daily tasks.”

- Trevor, Product Manager

Tasktopian Fun Fact: Nicole worked for the St. Louis Cardinals and recorded every pitch of every home game one season.

 “We build incredibly valuable software that is core to many Fortune 1000 companies – and that jazzes me for sure!  I feel incredibly lucky to have the fortunate role of sitting in the middle of it all. Every day brings new challenges to the age old question … what should we build next to make our customers smile?”

- Nicole, VP of Product Management

Tasktopian Fun Fact: Jeff was a national Broomball champ in college, and loves to play and promote the sport.

“I love working at Tasktop. The best part ... is the people and their passion for the software we build.  Even though we are continuously growing, we still have the feel of a small company.”

- Shawn, Senior Director of Support and Technical Services

 “Tasktop is hands-down the sharpest bunch of folks I have ever had the pleasure to work with; I am regularly delighted at the interactions we have with our partners and customers. The mantra 'Work hard, play hard’ is in full effect here and I'm excited to be a part of this winning team!”

- Beth, Business Development Manager

“It's been the most amazing experience to be a part of something that grows so fast and evolves. On top of all, while requiring devotion and passion, Tasktop also strives to accommodate each individual (no matter what aspect – work hours, preferred location,  even something as irrelevant as standing desks). It certainly feels like the position you agree to take is structured and adjusted specifically to fit your needs.”

- Mara, Product Manager