Neelan is president and COO of Tasktop, where he manages sales, marketing, and business development, and guides the company’s mission to connect the world of software delivery. He also serves as a mentor at the Capital Factory and serves as an advisor to several startups around the US. He has extensive technology management experience, serving as the COO of Lexcycle (acquired by Amazon), COO of SpringSource (acquired by VMware), and President of SolarMetric (acquired by BEA Systems).


Why SLI Matters?

We’ve spent the last decade watching the shifts and trends in an industry that is eating the world. Software is increasingly becoming the basis for competitive advantage in nearly every industry. As Tasktop has evolved from an organization that focused solely on the developer to an organization that is now focused on the end-to-end aspects …


Tasktop 2012 Year in Review

Well fortunately, there was no fiscal cliff (though the U.S. government did nothing more than my 4 year old son; it just kicked the can down the street) and somehow there was a day after even though the Mayan calendar just stopped. As such, I feel a little more comfortable writing a retrospective blog that …


Tasktop’s Austin Office Now Open

As someone who has lived in and around the Austin entrepreneurial scene for nearly the past decade, I am very excited about Tasktop’s new Austin office. In all the companies that I’ve managed while living in Austin from SolarMetric to SpringSource to Lexcycle, this is the first time a company I’ve been involved with had …