Thinking Days: Tasktop Product Management 5% Time

How do you deal with the important but not urgent activities in your job? Like most people, we used to push them out until they decided to morph into very urgent and then, well, that’s when we get to them. We’ve all heard about the need to sharpen your axe. Taking time to sharpen the axe is important, but not very urgent. So what do we do? We swing harder. We swing faster. What we don’t do is swing smarter.

The Tasktop Product Management team decided to change this.
We decided to implement a ‘Thinking Day’.

The Value of Open Source

I recently published a post about why I love working with open source software. At Tasktop, we have a strong open source history. Because of their participation in open source communities, many people already knew each other long before joining Tasktop.

Latte Art and the Art of the Agile Team

These past eight months I’ve spent working at Tasktop, I’ve picked up some truly interesting and marketable skills. Among the expected skills for a Quality Assurance Engineer (attention to detail, ability to assess large swaths of code for functionality, critical thinking for creating tests, communication skills) one of the skills my colleagues point out is the fine art of the espresso machine.

Blueprint Guest Blog: Improving Accuracy On Large-Scale Agile Projects

Defining complete, accurate software requirements has long challenged organizations, and those challenges have grown exponentially, particularly in large organizations delivering sizeable projects in complex environments.

The business environment has become increasingly urgent as new customer demands compel organizations to innovate quickly to capitalize on fleeting opportunities. Business needs IT to deliver faster than ever.

Tasktop 4.4 Released: Identity and Traceability across the DevOps Pipeline

At last week’s DevOps Enterprise Summit we got to hear how industry leaders are transforming the way that software is built.  Most speakers told stories of automating the build, release or continuous delivery pipeline, and the cultural transformation that followed.

Java 8 Eclipse Templates

It's been a while since Java 8 was released. It brought us great additions like lambdas, streams, optionals, and many more. Here at Tasktop we do mostly Java programming and are focused on increasing our productivity every day. Since we are working with Java 8, a bunch of Eclipse templates were created that make developing with Eclipse and Java 8 more efficient. With this post I want to share some of them with you.

Decorating Agile... with Pride

Back in 2002, I didn’t have a clue about how much Agile would change the world of software delivery. But Agile did feel right; so my small team at the New York Stock Exchange went for it.  Why?  Honestly, I’m not sure we totally knew why – as I said, it just felt right – and certainly it felt more fun.  But I definitely didn’t realize the tremendous benefits we would gain from it. Fast forward to 2015: I’m a seasoned veteran of creating agile teams.  And maybe by “seasoned” I mean, “Yada, yada, yada. Here we go again.

The Scaled Agile Puzzle? You're missing a piece.

I recently read an article titled Four Must-Have Rules for Scaling Enterprise Agile. It’s an excellent article. There is nothing in the article that I can argue with. It covers the fundamentals of most of the things a company needs to do in order to scale their agile development. The problem? It’s incomplete. There’s at least one more ‘must-have’ for scaling agile.

Recognize the importance of integration.

There Is No Theory Of Everything For Agility

Having recently watched the Stephen Hawking film “The Theory of Everything,” I consider myself a bit of a physics expert and was struck by the desire in the software delivery industry to find a magic, simple approach to building software and say, “We are done”. To steal from Fred Brooks, there is no silver bullet. Or, to be more precise, there is no one approach that will enable every organization to deliver on the promise of enterprise Agile. Instead, there are things that may or may not help you to deliver software faster, cheaper, and to wow your customers.

Sam’s Excuse As to Why No One Talks to Him at Parties Anymore

Back in May, upon returning from my trek through the desert (pictured), I started my first day as a Product Management intern at Tasktop’s Austin office. My summer with Tasktop has been a valuable, irreplaceable experience.