Tasktop and Borland to Present Webinar on Transforming Development Visibility and Productivity

Webinar outlines how developers and managers benefit from broad ALM interoperability and the most modern IDE experience for StarTeam 12


Mik Kersten – CEO and founder, Tasktop Technologies

Kersten is the creator of the Eclipse Mylyn open source project and inventor of the task-focused interface. At Tasktop he provides the technical vision behind Tasktop Dev for developer productivity and tool integration and Tasktop Sync for enterprise ALM synchronization.

Stuart McGill – General Manager of Borland

As general manager of Borland and CTO of Micro Focus, McGill is responsible for shaping future product innovations and bringing world-class software solutions to market.


Transforming Development Visibility and Productivity with Borland                                  StarTeam 12.0 and Tasktop

In a climate of decentralized software tools, a widely integrated project management platform is critical for increased collaboration and enhanced visibility. During this webinar, Kersten and McGill will outline how Tasktop Sync delivers interoperability between StarTeam and many other ALM systems for unprecedented visibility across teams and tools. Kersten and McGill will further explain how Tasktop Dev provides developers with the most modern and integrated experience for StarTeam. The webinar will include live demonstrations showing how both developers and managers benefit from unified access to multiple repositories from within StarTeam or the IDE, all without disrupting existing systems.


Tue., Feb. 7, 8 a.m. - 9 a.m. PST


To register for this webinar please visit: (http://www.microfocus.com/starteam12). To arrange an interview with Mik Kersten please contact Christie Denniston at 303-581-7760 or by email at (cdenniston@catapultpr-ir.com).

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