Integrate your software lifecycle. Unleash your competitive advantage.

For customers worldwide, we drive competitive advantage by dramatically improving the efficiency of the software development and delivery process. We do this by providing fully automated, enterprise-grade integration of the tools used by all the various stakeholders in this process.  

Where other approaches have failed, we’ve succeeded by creating a new kind of infrastructure.

We don’t just connect systems. We connect knowledge workers. As a result, Tasktop solutions have quickly become the world’s most deployed integration technologies.

  • Our flagship product, Tasktop Sync synchronizes artifacts created within the various software development and delivery tools used across the enterprise.
  • Tasktop Data unlocks software lifecycle data from its application tool silos, providing insights for better decision-making throughout the software delivery process.
  • Tasktop Dev provides an enterprise version of the popular open source framework Eclipse Mylyn, the de facto standard for task management and ALM integration created by our founder, Dr. Mik Kersten.

Integration is all we do. Connections are all we make. And we run half a million tests every night to ensure we do it right. 

We work closely with the leading software development and delivery tool vendors; we do not compete with them. As a result, we've become a trusted collaborator among major vendors, home-grown solutions, and open source projects. In fact, partners such as CA, HP, IBM and Serena have demonstrated their trust by offering OEM versions of our products to their customers.

We bring a unique perspective on all aspects of software development and delivery. Within the industry, we are widely acknowledged as the software integration experts; our thought leaders are often sought out to speak at conferences and contribute published works.

Tasktop is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with offices in Austin, Texas, Boston, Massachusetts, London, UK; and additional support, development and sales staff across Europe.